Excellent service ! Really helped me to declutter all my old belongings and earn a little cash at the same time ! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to free up some space and earn a little whilst they're at it!

Luke Nelson

Many thanks to the team! I had multiple items that were no longer of any use to me and was very pleased with the service I was provided! Will be using again

Saffey Saffet

Finally gathered all my unused items, clothes, books, games, household items, tech, etc, and I engaged the services of the Unused Monster. Very friendly, professional service, carried out under the strictest of Covid measures, the service has helped me raise cash from all sorts of items that were gathering dust and taking up space. Would highly recommend the team.

Fiona Horne

Such a great service. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. I got such a great price for old clothes I was happy to give away to charity. Meg & Dave were really professional and happy to help me. They also took items I was not expecting them to take so it will be nice to see them re-homed!

Holly Roden


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