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By encouraging people to have a look through the second hand items we can really make a difference on our carbon footprint. If everyone took the time to have a look at what they have lying around we can get more people to buy second hand. Buying second hand makes such a difference and by doing so we can challenge the fast fashion trends that big corporations have gotten us in to.

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We wanted to create a service which makes people think "what do I have lying around the house and why am I still holding on to it?" So with The Unused Monster we thought about how we can help people declutter and also how we can help the environment at the same time. Shopping second hand makes such a huge difference that we want to encourage more people to do it.

Meet the Team

Passionate about sustainability and always looking to buy second hand where possible, we wanted to create a platform that encourages people to shop more sustainably and also to stop and think before throwing out things that may be perfectly usable or repairable!